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Consumer Electronics
Embedded360, with its expertise in designing embedded hardware and software for consumer electronics and multimedia domains, makes it possible for OEMs and suppliers, system integrators, hi-tech device manufacturers, and independent software vendors to create cutting-edge products within tight deadlines. Many global clients trust us for our reliable, innovative, and flexible solutions which facilitate faster time-to-market and reduced product development cost. Our different embedded projects have been in the following areas:

Home entertainment devices

Digital photography

Multimedia devices

Domestic appliances


Our end-to-end solutions in this domain include:

Powertrain application software development

Firmware, BSP development and diagnostics

Hardware abstraction layer design for interoperability with kernels under various operating systems (Win CE, Embedded Linux, QNX, etc.)

Device driver development

Embedded application product development of consumer electronics for home entertainment, retail automation, mobile TV Devices and photography

Middleware development and applications, universal plug and play interfaces and multimedia codec development and optimization

Hardware design (Schematic capture to protobuild)

Network management interfaces, network utility development, conditional access systems interfaces

DSP software development and optimization for wireless Baseband processing, audio/video encoding, decoding, imaging and communication for cameras, mobile phones and home networking devices

DSP algorithm development and porting for media controllers, media servers and media player designs along with optimization

Case Studies