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Engagement Model - Global Delivery Solution | Embedded360

Embedded360 works with our clients in a variety of engagement model and styles to meet their specific needs. Consulting engagements are different than ongoing development or support. Major R&D initiatives require staffing of high level experts for a defined period of time. Embedded360 provides a truly global delivery model bringing resources from the United States, Europe, Japan and India to bear to a customer situation as appropriate. Embedded Engagement Model
Strategic Engagement Models

Offshore &
Dedicated center

Specific deliverables

Execution expertise

Continuous Availability

Discrete projects

Cost Arbitrage

Dedicated resources

Economies of scale


Dynamic Scaling




Captive operation

Access to Mgmt teams



Go-to-market strategy

Strategic niche

Shared risks

Shared profits

Shared revenues

Total cost optimization

Long term plan

Offshore & Onshore

Extended Team

Execution expertise

Continuous Availability

Discrete projects

Dedicated resources

Economies of scale

Onshore Contract

Staffing Flexibility

Access to large talent pool

Low risks

Onshore Contract Insourcing : Specialized engineering resources join your team

Employee Engagement Model - Deliver Cost Efficiency

Hybrid Model : The hybrid outsourcing engagement model, also known as the dual-shore model, takes advantage of onsite and offshore services to deliver results to clients at reduced costs. Under hybrid model a local team stationed onsite with our business partner would manage the project's program management office and handle the issues such as requirements gathering and user-interface development. The onsite team would control the defined portion of the project that required interaction with the business subject matter experts and software architects onsite. Meanwhile, the team based at the offshore development center would facilitates with the coding, testing, and bug fixing so work could be performed around the clock.

Offshored Dedicated Team : Dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) relationship engagement model might be the right remedy to realizing your strategic IT objectives, if your IT strategy aims at

Taking advantage of special software engineering skills

Extending your in-house software development staff

Augmenting your software product development

Strengthening product QA

Obtaining greater flexibility with the resource utilization

Reducing the time to market

Having been supporting clients across multiple countries with premium offshore and nearshore software development services for a decade, we have gained and honed the cutting-edge technical and functional skills, developed special tools and methodologies for managing custom software development projects in distributed environment.

Captive Transfer : Some companies reject outsourcing to third-party vendors and instead opt to start their own local subsidiaries, a process that frequently is not as smooth as expected. Various obstacles such as legal, taxes, hiring, and management may be faced thru-out the set-up process. While some eventually attain a steady state, others struggle, and a few even close down their operations. The failures of these captive subsidiaries have led to the evolution of a new business engagement model in the offshore service industry called as captive transfer traditionally known as BOT. The logic behind the BOT model is the offshore partner can initiate operations and reach operating stability much faster than it can with an in-house effort. BOT model provide our business partners with bottom-line enhancements and fully offloaded costs, risks, and ownership of the new venture. The risk of execution is minimized, and business partners can spend their money on core functions.

Joint Venture : Embedded360 offers a joint venture engagement model (JV) for partnership with strategic customers. It's ideal for mid-to-large size companies who want to set up their own development team offshore but face challenges in doing so due to legal, infrastructure and setup costs, selection of location, ROI concerns, etc. The Embedded360-Client JV will be a new company with joint equity ownership between Embedded360 and the client delivering joint governance/control and transparencies. When the time and conditions are right, after initial gestation period, the customer can initiate a build-operate-transfer (BOT) option (i.e., take 100% ownership in the JV). The JV partner also has the option to cash out from their equity ownership and get significant (cash) returns from the IT investment in the period that they have earned the equity.

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