Beyond Business

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Governance: Built on reputation

Being a private holding company, at SRM corporate governance is very much an integral part of the philosophy at SRM in its pursuit of excellence, growth and value creation. SRM firmly believes in a culture of conscience and consciousness and therefore the relationship with stakeholders is based on integrity, fairness, equity, transparency, accountability, and commitment to core shared values.

Social Responsibility: Sustainability

A company's growth is directly linked to its ecosystem of employees, partnerships, alliances, local community and the environment. At SRM, being a group which was based on imparting education to its community, continues to believe strongly in giving back to the community.

Social Contract: Vallimai Society & Puthiya Thalaimurai Foundation

  • Youth Skills Development
  • Rural Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Free Higher Education



Employee Initiatives: Being top 5% of technology talent

  • Less consumed power LED lights across campus
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • Planting trees
  • Eco volunteers
  • Energy consumption reduction through cloud
  • Intelligent energy consumption across servers and computers


  • 10 nationalities
  • 30% women workforce
  • Family matters the most: work life balance seminars
  • Common shared values and culture workshops for employees

Global Company: Its success

The success of a global company relies upon its complex web of global systems which include economy, political and social structure, the environment, the work force.

Our engagement has evolved and matured to build the company for tomorrow.

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