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A Lean Product Design Process with the Best Tools

Be it your corporate requirement of analog and digital circuit design or PCB design, the professionals at Embedded360 have wide knowledge and experience in handling even the challenging projects. Challenges may come in the layouts and programmatic issues, but we can handle them well and deliver an optimum result. Our team utilises the latest technologies present in the market. Our electrical engineering service team provides a wide range of technological areas:

• Fluid metering
• Accurate and stable digital RF power control
• Motor and motion control
• Closed-loop control systems analysis
• Synthesis of control systems
• Pneumatic and pump control
• Optics integration

Embedded Design Expertise

Embedded360 has extensive design and development knowledge and expansive real-time computing and micro-controller expertise. Our extensive experience, knowledge and skills in electronic board design, microcontroller software and FPGA development shows our capability to quickly design and build innovative electronic products.

What customers appreciate about us:

  • The quality of our works and the project management.
  • The expertise of our engineers and their ability to provide relevant technical solutions.
  • The proximity service with regular meetings with our customers.
  • The flexibility of our company to adapt to the specific needs of our customers.
  • The transparency, we always provide the source files of our projects.
  • The stability with a low turn over within our teams and a real knowledge of our customers.

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