E360 Process

The Proven Model

Technology has paved way for the high quality output prospects, which has necessitated for the adoption of techniques and trends ideating in the technical world. It helps a lot in formulating strategic presentation of product designing and channelizing the workflow in a manner to create products that have functional excellence.

Need for Product Development

Asia has been the hotspot for product development because of its ability to materialize the process well within the budget. Initializing from the designing factor to that of the production, the entire cost happens to be reduced in comparing to other countries.

Moreover, the components present in the electronic devices are articulated in a manner that the whole production cost comes out to be essentially calculative. Our production development team is active in utilizing the sources for creating operational masterpieces. It is the sheer dedication of our experts and engineers that has made us a name to be reckoned with.

Classification Level

Defining the possibility, usability and purposeful needs, our qualified engineers and project managers will connect with you for channelizing the proper functionality of a task. In bringing out the exclusive outcomes, our well-organized operations are systematized and the components included in it are cautiously selected. Simultaneously, a scrutiny and risk valuation of the results will be executed to confirm that they are in conjunction with your qualitative business plan from the perspective of features and price, which gives a viable edge to your product.

Development Level

By picking the initial inputs, we progress from the first stage towards theoretical studies and analysis. In fact, our working module calls for linking of designers with the engineers for articulating the designing restrictions and factors for creating an efficient electronic design. Our basic idea of adopting this formulated technique is to reduce the risk factor involved in product development.
The skilled engineers associated with us will make use of mechanical design, PCB layout, electronic design, and firmware coding and produce files for electronic and mechanical prototypes as they are mandatory for usability, consistency, and serviceable validation.

Testing and Modification Level

Prototypes are meant to suit functionality, solidity, and quicker stress tests. Generally, prototypes are required for high quality testing and validation. In this regard, our engineers are active in bringing the prototype to a laboratory of the third party for visualizing scanning based on testing and engineering methodologies. As per the core results of the test, modifications are conceptualized for hardware or firmware.


On identifying the region for the product marketing and selling, the devices are programmed by our professionals to conform to varied standards like FCC, CE, UL and ROHS.

Mold and Insertion Level

Meant for the plastic designs, molds are created brilliantly with plastic parts inoculated efficiently. Further to this, an element report is developed to see as to the parts work in liaison with its specifications. Then, the devices are placed within the element created for stress tests.

Production Level

Before actually utilizing the processing system, our experts happen to test run it for guarantying its stability. Along with the attainment of the material, specialized procedures are channelized for assembling, testing and controlling the quality.