Mobile Hardware Integration

Connected Enterprise

Addition of functions to mobile devices has paved the way for expansion that ignited the thought of what a mobile device can do. This is indicative of progressive growth, which is coming to engulf the technical arena with its advancements. In this regard, Embedded360 is active in:

  • Our ambitious mobile developers create customized hardware as an extension of mobile devices.
  • We infuse essence in mobile devices with active features to meet varied needs like fitness monitoring and remote controlling.
  • Our experts tend to replace single-function electronic devices for simplifying the lives of the users.
  • Aligning mobile devices to external hardware devices for better functionality.
  • We design applications that control external hardware.
  • Our expertise also involves in creating software development kits for applications.

Mobile Hardware Integration Company

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Key Achievements

  • 140+ apps delivered in total
  • 70+ Enterprise apps delivered
  • 50+ cross platform apps
  • 10M+ installs
  • 75+ dedicated mobile engineers
  • 15+ mobile design engineers
  • Full life-cycle enterprise mobility enablement services
  • Certified mobility engineers across Android, iOS and WinPhone platforms
  • Strong Expertise across industry verticals.
  • Expert in mobile hardware integration and ERP2Mobile solutions.
  • Measured ROI with Market Success


Mobile Devices are Gateway to Internet of Things(IoT)

As known, Internet of Things is concerned with devices that allow error-free interaction and effective data production. With the advent of Apple’s iOS 8, the gates to Internet of Things opened up. Generally, mobile devices are featured with sensors and varied wireless radios, allowing simplified communication with other devices.

Unravelling the World of Connectivity

  • We add extensive customer experience by channelizing mobile applications.
  • We make applications based on embedded sensors that can fit inside everyday object.
  • Our technocratic sensors make the communication easier.

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