Software Product Engineering

Making better products through innovation

Embedded360 provides full scale product engineering services across the software product development life cycle ranging from consulting and application development to technology re-engineering and product support enabling companies to be competitive in the market. Embedded360 has partnered with software product companies globally to develop and test over 1100 products.

Embedded360’s technology building blocks, in the form of solution accelerators and reusable components help bridge technology gaps and bring products to market faster. Our expertise in various technologies like Microsoft, Java, mobile and open source helps us deliver robust and commercially successful products to the market.


  • Product Development
  • Product Testing
  • Sustenance Engineering
  • Product Support
  • Professional Services
  • Specialized Services
  • SaaS
  • Cloud Computing
  • Performance Engineering
  • Mobile Enablement
  • Open Source

Software Product Development Firm

Unique Combination: Accelerators,Solutions and Enablers


  • Vision: mapping technology trends and next-gen platforms
  • Rapid Innovation: discover, develop, deliver new models
  • Accelerated Environments: Resolving complex business problems.
  • Rapid Prototype: See, Challenge and explore options.
  • Vertical Domain Models: Our T&T, Automotive ready to-go and deploy.


  • Proven Process & Development Methods – Choosing the right process for the right solution
  • Global Delivery Relationship Model – Flexible and fast turnaround with reduced risk and transparency.
  • Futuristic Capabilities – enabling and deploying the next-gen solutions and platforms.
  • Our Technology Ecosystem – Our partners and strategic alliances


  • Truce – Data Center and Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Glue – Open Source Framework for web applications
  • Atiha – 360 Assessment tool
  • Open Source Testing Automation Framework

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Key Achievements

  • 650+ Applications shipped
  • 100+ reusable components and assets
  • 20+ Partnerships across the ecosystem
  • 10+ solution accelerators & frameworks
  • First Open Source Approach
  • Made Simple, Made Right Software
  • Predictable Outcome, Predictable Date
  • Right Solution, Right Process, Right Time, Right Cost

Embedded360 Advantage

Speed to Market

  • Process accelerators
  • Business integration framework.
  • Risk-based quality optimization
  • Reusable frameworks, artifacts,and components
  • Embedded360 integrated build kit – to automate and accelerate the build

Improved Quality

  • Focus on end-to-end scenarios.
  • Independent testing with complete accountability.
  • Metrics to measure quality at all levels.
  • Pre and post build regression verification.
  • Usability analysis and correlation.

Managing Uncertainty

  • SLA and metrics based management
  • Complete code responsibility by Embedded360
  • Service methodologies customized for companies of all sizes
  • Independent verification and validation with accountability

Access to Domain Experts

  • Business analysts to drive by market expectations
  • On-demand access to specialists for mission critical issues
  • Technical analysts for needs analysis and solution architecture.

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