Consumer Electronics

Adopting to Consumer demands

Embedded360’s end-to-end Solutions based approach and deep domain knowledge in the both information and entertainment space puts us in an advantageous position to serve the Infotainment product ecosystems.

We help our customers develop the complete ecosystem around our focused product segments to let end-users fully utilize the benefits of the end-products.

Focus Areas

  • Home Entertainment devices
  • Digital Photography
  • Multimedia & Infotainment Devices
  • Domestic Appliances

We service the whole value chain of serving varying needs of different players at each point of the chain.


Consumer Electronic Product

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Key Achievements

  • 10+ Connected Ecosystem implementations
  • 25+ Open Source & Android implementations
  • 30+ enhanced User Experience project executions
  • Ability to adapt to changing consumer demands
  • Overcome the issues of shorter product lifecycle
  • Enable proper utilization of assets and resources

Our end-to-end consumer electronic design solutions

  • Powertrain application software development
  • Firmware, BSP development and diagnostics
  • Hardware abstraction layer design for interoperability with kernels under various operating systems (Win CE, Embedded Linux, QNX, etc.)
  • Device driver development
  • Embedded application product development of consumer electronics for home entertainment, retail automation, mobile TV Devices and photography
  • Middleware development and applications, universal plug and play interfaces and multimedia codec development and optimization
  • Hardware design (Schematic capture to proto build)
  • Network management interfaces, network utility development, conditional access systems interfaces
  • DSP software development and optimization for wireless Baseband processing, audio/video encoding,decoding,imaging and communication for cameras, mobile phones and home networking devices
  • DSP algorithm development and porting for media controllers, media servers and media player designs along with optimization

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