Enhance Driving Experience

With Innovative Designs for Future Vehicles

Embedded360 offers customized R&D services spanning across the product’s lifecycle to automobile manufacturers and component suppliers. Our industry experience in working with leading OEMs, Tier1 suppliers, tool and chip vendors, makes us the preferred partner for system and sub-system design for the entire product lifecycle.

Telematics & Infotainment
  • In-car Connectivity
  • Front & Rear Seat Entertainment
  • Driver Information
  • Navigation & Location Based Services
  • Remote Vehicle Interactions
  • Vehicle Telemetry
Powertrain and Hybrids
  • Engine Management
  • Transmission
  • Start Stop
  • Hybrid Controllers
  • Battery Management
  • DC-DC Converters
Safety & Security Electronics
  • Airbag & Occupant classification
  • Immobilizers
  • Blind spot Warning
  • Night Vision
  • Driver drowsiness
  • Park Assistance
  • Lane Departure Warning
Body & Chassis Electronics
  • Automotive Lighting
  • Instrument cluster
  • Steering
  • HVAC Controllers
  • Seating systems
  • Door systems
  • Roof systems
  • Braking systems
  • Suspension system
  • Rear Spoilers

Our key focus areas include:

  • Body & Chassis Electronics: Designing Front & Rear Lighting Systems, Instrument Cluster, Steering & Suspension Systems, Door Systems etc.
  • Telematics & Infotainment: Connectivity, Navigation and location-based applications, Front and Rear Seat Entertainment, Multimedia, Human Machine Interface system etc.
  • Powertrain Electronics: Designing an engine management system (Gasoline, Diesel & Hybrid), Transmission systems etc.
  • Hybrid Electronics: Battery Management system, DC-DC Converter, Motor Control etc.
  • Safety & Security: Designing central locking system, passive entry system, night vision system, blind spot warning, parking assistance system etc.
  • AUTOSAR: AUTOSAR migration services, AUTOSAR component & tool development, AUTOSAR stack support & maintenance, AUTOSAR training etc.

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