Everything Is Connected To Everything

With our Comprehensive Solution to Manage the Whole IoT Lifecycle

We provide everything you need to successfully deploy and manage connected vehicles around the world. We provide an end-to-end solution, from concept and design to monetization and operation over time. At the core of that end-to-end offering are our Managed Connectivity and Managed IoT Cloud.

Intelligent Industry Solutions

Embedded Systems control several of the common automation systems today and find applications in solutions ranging from consumer electronics, office and home automation to transportation, telecommunication and even space exploration. These embedded systems are increasingly being joined together into an “Internet of things (IoT).” IoT enables exchange of data between previously unconnected devices. Driven by the convergence of cloud technology, rapidly growing data volumes, and connected, intelligent devices communicating with each other, IoT is revolutionizing businesses by creating new business models and new revenue streams.

Why do our customers rely on us?

Smart Home IoT products such as Smart Door Locks, Connected Smart Kitchens for Automating and Securing Homes, Wearable device for fitness, sports and performance monitoring, Smart Bluetooth trackers, Retail Store Automation and more

Why do our customers rely on us?

  • Faster time to market for connected offerings
  • Reduced risk and cost with IoT connectivity as a service
  • Future-proof solutions that last the entire product life cycle
  • Peace of mind provided by guaranteed security and uptime
  • Strategic insight and round the clock support
  • Guaranteed service levels and data security

Bring your IOT Designs to Life

with Smart, Connected, Efficient Operations


Connectivity is the backbone of the IoT, and we support
the most common wireless protocols as well as proprietary networks.


The brains behind your IoT design, the MCU collects and processes the data you want shared.


Sensors are becoming our eyes and ears into the world around us, and a centerpiece of IoT designs.

Cloud Computing

Create more competitive, secure, and useful IoT designs that deliver cloud-based analytics and business intelligence.

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