The SRM Group

Constantly OutThinking Possibilities

At Embedded360, we derive our strength and values from the SRM Technologies – the Technology and Enterprise IT arm of the SRM Group. Founded in 1952, SRM Group is one of India’s leading multinational conglomerate with a strong foothold in Education, Training, Healthcare, Retail, BFSI, Manufacturing, Electronics, Technology, and Hospitality industries, with robust and vibrant partnerships with over 100 companies across the globe.

The Group At A Glance

Multiple Domains – One Center Of Excellence

Pillars Driving This Multi-domain Focus

  • Empowered. Accountable. Responsible
  • Lead by example
  • Walk the talk
  • Have strong conviction
  • Believe in Meritocracy
  • Believe in Teams
  • Believe in strong value system
  • Fair, unbiased
  • Generous based on facts and metrics

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