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Re-Development and Re-Engineering along with Reliability and Performance.

Our Embedded engineers with our technology innovation and unique combination of expertise in Embedded Hardware, Embedded Software, PCB design and mechanical design, provide end-to-end product engineering solutions from product design to production for leading product companies, service providers and aspiring start-ups.

Our product engineering team is led by high Caliber engineering professionals experienced in Embedded Product design having decades of hands on experience in delivering multiple products to the global market. With our Customer Focus and in-depth understanding of technology, we strive hard continuously to shorten the design cycle so that our customers address the window of opportunity ahead of competition. This is backed by our efficient use of tools, matured process and systems.

We are specialized in providing Product Engineering Solutions to IOT and Wearable Devices, Railways and Industrial Products, Automotive and Energy Solutions.

Product Re-engineering

Offering, re-development and re-engineering along with reliability and performance improvement and multiple platforms porting of legacy embedded systems engineering and software to improve flexibility by leveraging the latest technology and trends.

Business Value

  • Achieve enhanced product line-up to meet changing customer requirements
  • Capability to expand product portfolio to a global customer base
  • Achieve improved customer centricity and satisfaction

Client Challenges:

  • Improve profit margins while sustaining surging price points
  • Assessing and understanding dynamic customer behavior
  • Exercising continuous innovation to bring out newer products
  • Serving to a global customer base that involves customization of products and solutions
  • Improve time-to-market on products

With Embedded 360, you can:

  • Scale-up research and innovation on traditional products
  • Achieve improved product sustainability and support
  • Perform testing and quality analysis on traditional products
  • Adopt to latest technologies and platforms to churn out novel, result assured outcomes

Our Product Re-Engineering Flow

Embedded360 re-engineering services are focused on transforming an organization’s existing product or system to populate it with the evolving features and functionalities. Without disturbing the core features of the product, we make use of incumbent technologies from a performance, ease of use and stability standpoint.

Step 1: Current Product Assessment

Why the need for a re-engineering exercise? Is the product not satisfying the market anymore? Competitors come up with a competitive or better offering? Architecture unscalable? Newer and better technologies available? Overhaul needed in the code? Need for new features that could not be created using previous architecture?

There can be myriad of reasons for a re-engineering exercise. We work with you to understand the pros and cons of your current product, the challenges you face with it, map out its limitations and then create a customized re-engineering roadmap for you.

Step 2: Architecture Creation

Once the developmental vision is clear, appropriate architectural viewpoints such as 4+1, Zachman Framework, RM-ODP, DoDAF, etc. are chosen to develop the product architecture. Next, an appropriate pattern or set of patterns such as client server, peer-to-peer, data centric, etc., are chosen to develop the software or app. Security, reliability, scalability, high availability, interoperability, maintainability, recoverability, performance, compliances, and user experience are the factors kept in mind while developing the software architecture and determining the tech stack to be used.

Step 3: Product Development
Development of a product being re-engineered varies from one being made from scratch. Almost always the product is in use. Number of functions, number of users, technologies used, all add to the complexity of re-engineering. Thus, along with using the best product development practices, we ensure that re-engineering is done in phases, in a way that users of the product are disturbed the least.

Step 4: Testing
All the testing methods and practices mentioned in the section of product engineering are practised here as well.

Step 5: Launch
The code has been cleaned up, performance & security issues addressed, new features built in and the product works seamlessly with other software exactly the way you would want them. Time to go live.

Step6: Feedback and Next Iteration
The re-engineered product now allows you to compete better and fulfils a market need. In the next stage of the lifecycle, we work with you to develop your re-engineered product into a major competitive advantage for you.

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