Meeting Production Quantity at Low Cost

Advanced and Innovative Production for Low Cost and Faster Production Times Per Unit.

For a complete end to end solution, Embedded360 turnkey solution will turn your ideas into finished manufacturable products. Our PDS leverages all of our resources and partners to produce a complete solution.

E360 specializes in the efficient design and development of custom electronics and embedded software. From requirements analysis to electrical and software design all the way through to implementation, testing, and final integration, We can manage as much or as little of the product development as you require.

Module-based Design Services

Development of your product based on the customization of our existing validated module schematics and BSPs.

Software Engineering Services

Performance engineering for embedded systems requires a combination of skills: a solid understanding of the runtime environment and underlying operating system, the development of (frequently custom-developed) performance sampling tools, and the statistical analysis to identify bottlenecks. From the resulting datasets, we devise optimizations to libraries, application kernels and operating systems—and implement these using a combination of high-level (e.g. algorithm development) and low-level (e.g. assembly-language coding) software engineering skills.

We retarget both the Linux kernel and real-time OS kernels to new architectures or processors.

Our compiler engineering encompasses the retargeting of compilers to new processors and architecture, the analysis of real-world application workloads, the development of new optimization passes, and the implementation of memory models (e.g. ILP32) for embedded use-cases. Based on the compiler engineering expertise, static analysis techniques are a major focus of applying our know-how to the security domain.

In our development flow, the bootloader is the initial software component running, our root of trust (for secure boot flows) and forms a critical part of our board-diagnostics software. Our in-house capabilities include both retargeting of bootloaders to new architectures, to new processors, to new boards.

For hardware components added to customized module variants and to customer-specific baseboards, we develop the needed driver support for Linux and real-time operating systems.

Embedded software development requires added care, as it needs to perform under resource, timing and performance constraints. Our engineers know both the comment/latest requirements and are familiar with common software stacks used in embedded development.

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