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Understanding the Complex Interfaces between Hardware and Software.

Embedded360 provides a comprehensive range of firmware designing and engineering services to its clients. We have years of expertise, knowledge and certifications in product designing and engineering to meet compliance and safety regulations while ensuring the resultant products meet all demanded requirements.

Our firmware designing and engineering services expertise includes:

• Embedded software development
• Firmware development
• Software quality assurance
• Application software development
• Mobile application software development

FFPGA Design Services

Today, many of the High speed and complex designs need the integration and flexibility that an FPGA can offer. The ability to be reconfigured enables the FPGAs to extend the lifecycle of a custom product to suit the changing market needs. Embedded360 has the right experience and capability to satisfy any phase of product life cycle including partial or complete architecture design, feature additions to existing designs, test bench development or functional verification.

Embedded360 FPGA services include Design/Development, RTL coding, Test suite preparation, simulation and Testing/Verification. We provide turnkey development services in FPGA for High Speed Bus interfaces, Integration of modules, Multi-million gates complex design and concept to specification of the chip to the final board level target hardware.

Embedded360 is also a Design Service Network (DSN) partner with Altera and we provide solution to our customers using IP cores available under this partnership. The value we bring to our customer is faster solutions with IP cores without any obligation for customer to buy IP cores and low pricing of FPGA during production stage.

Hardware Design Services

Embedded360 achieves all these by adopting a systematic approach that transforms the client’s ideas and specifications into quality products. Apart from that Embedded360 assure its clients minimal schedule slippage, low product BOM, and engineering costs. Our specialization includes Board and System design, Analog Mixed Signal/RF Design, FPGA Designs, ASIC/System On Chip services.

Embedded Design Service team supports complete electronic hardware design activities which include schematic design, bill of material finalization, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, prototyping, production support and FPGA design services for customer-specific requirements. The key hardware design ranges from small-footprint, power-optimized solutions to high-end, rugged systems built around various embedded processors and DSPs.

  • Over 500 Hardware designs pertaining to various key industry verticals
  • 250+ man years of Hardware Design Experience
  • Mass manufacturing facility in India and Singapore
  • Partnership with Labs for hardware certification
  • CE, FCC, UL, FAA, Ingress Protection (IP) ratings and DO-254A & DO-178B guidelines
  • Long Standing Partnerships with Tier 1 Silicon Giants with early access to upcoming processor families (ST Micro, Renesas, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Freescale, Micronas etc.)
  • Right solution, Right Process, Right Time, Right Cost
  • Multi-core SoC design, Multi-processor designs, Multi-FPGA based designs
  • Board size ranging from 1.4 square inches to 140+ square inches
  • PCB design up to 16 layers and over 4200 components on single board
  • Hardware design with frequency > 1GHz

Embedded Design Services

Embedded Design services consists product engineering support from concept to prototyping and manufacturing of new products, feature enhancement and technology up-gradation through electronic hardware design, Firmware design, software application development and mechanical design. Our expertise in Embedded Technology helps our customer with customized product solutions. Our development methodology supports incremental and requirement discovery model to match the customer and market expectations.

Experts With
Product Design & Engineering Capabilities

Embedded360’ team of product design and development are fully trained in order to handle complex key areas. Our experts have knowledge to develop key technology platforms for Embedded360’ clients, provides with complex requirements. By utilizing these platforms to its optimum charge, our professionals help clients get their products to market cost-effectively while maintaining the TAT. Our licensed multidisciplinary designers and engineers can seamlessly combine their intellect and expertise into the project to provide standalone support to the clients, as per their demands or requirements.

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