Complexity And Miniaturization

Help You Aim at Reducing Product Weight, Volume, Cost, and Pollution

Embedded360 Miniaturization Services utilizes the Large Area Panel (LAP) – based Embedded Die technology to perform sub-system size reduction levels that cannot be achieved via standard chip-on-board technology. Embedded360’s Embedded Die technology offers quality, reliability, security, and allowing practical implementations of systems on a package with real-estate savings of 70% vs the original PCB area.

Design & Realization

  • Customer specification generation
  • Mechanical and electrical package design
  • Circuit Layout and simulation
  • Mechanical stress and thermal analysis

With less Less scrap & rework your Product reaches the market in less time.

Prototype to Full Production

  • Definition and execution of product validation and verification process
  • Product engineering – cradle to grave
  • Product realization (components, manufacturing)
  • Process and Equipment engineering
  • Tooling / fixture design


  • Production test system development
  • Mixed signal electrical test (Eagle, Syncro, RF Catalyst, Custom Rack & Stack)
  • Traceability back to individual silicon wafer number
  • Group A,B,C & D qualification testing, X-ray and Cross sectioning
  • Burn-in ovens – production and component screening

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