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Every different project has different requirements and needs out of the box ideas or concepts, which make them stand on their own. At SRM Technologies, we strive to provide such uniqueness with our holistic approach. This approach allows us to have a more open mind while handling projects, collaborating with clients throughout the project by applying our expertise in the line & field with modern help of software & tools.

Since decades, SRM Technologies is serving its customers and clients. We have more than 100 product design and manufacturing engineers, who can provide complete support to our customers in all types of markets and on everything.

Value Engineering

Adding value to manufacturing strategy, product design and end-to-end analysis, Embedded360 is steadfast in giving extensive range of Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE). Being a planned procedure of conducting a comprehensive analysis of our customer’s products, it is powered to enrich the worth of key design elements. This procedure increases the complete product value, refurbishing product features and shrinking the cost.

Our Performance Scenario

  • The widespread improvements allow us to elevate every customer’s end product beyond the norms calling for developing superior quality, performance-oriented products with Embedded360’s integrated business services.
  • Adhering to the current technological trends, our designing and engineering teams are progressive assisting at every stage of design cycle that includes detailed creation, prototyping, volume production and end-of-life sustenance.
  • Our efficient engineering services are moulded in a manner to provide extensive amount of flexibility towards the application of strategic support in optimizing product for cost and manufacturability.
  • A multi-functional VAVE team of design, supply chain, valuation and manufacturing engineers evaluates diverse cost reduction ideas and pursues customer authorization for implementing support.

Sustainable Engineering

By creating core values through the assistance of our experience in complete product sustenance services, we prioritize hardware and embedded software boosting factors.

Important Aspects

  • Cost reduction
  • component obsolescence
  • performance enhancements
  • bug fixation

In carrying out the tasks properly, we make sure that product enhancements are in conjunction with applicable regulatory and global standards. As an efficient support for the leading technical masters, our associates extend support in procedures like product refreshing cycle, product end-of-life stages and life redesign.