Solving Business Needs

To Outcome

End-End Program Management:

Accustomed to manage activities involving product concept to post sales operations, allowing clients to focus on other core competencies.

Reduced Development Costs:

Non-Recurring Engineering, as well as, Reverse Engineering Costs is reduced in Projects by employing incremental approaches. Embedded360 has a vendor management system for all third party services, allowing a reduction in overall production cost.

Accelerate Time to Market:

Embedded360 assists clients to expedite the time to market by project management and employing domain specific experts.

Cost Effective Engineering:

Embedded360 offers cost effective engineering solutions by applying BoM optimization, alternative designs or components, employing easy-to-manufacture plans, leveraging, global vendor network and compressing development timelines.

Value Engineering:

Embedded360 carries value engineering by engaging methods like yearly buying models, strategic tie-ups and partnerships with semiconductor producers, amalgamated inventory approaches, use of equal alternative parts.

Product Engineering Focus:

Every product is developed on the base of concept realization, quick adaptation to new technologies, inculcated innovations from existing technologies, custom protocol innovation, technology migration, gap and defect analysis, legacy upgrades etc.


Putting the Complex Product Together: We handle complex situations with innovative and modular approach for effective benchmarking and core customization to meet application needs.

Sustainable Ecosystem:

We manage efficient ecosystem through continual product creations, lifecycle management and emphasizing on justifiable conjointly valuable revenue patterns.

Domain Expertise:

Past 15 years have seen the emergence of 120 plus successful ventures in domains like Industrial Electronics, Automotive Electronics, Consumer Electronics and Wireless communications.